What an exciting year 2017 will be! We are delighted to announce that the Democrat candidates for election to Township Committee are Edith Darnold and Anna Evans, pictured above.

Edith Darnold

Edith "Edie" Darnold will be no stranger to the people of Hainesport, having worked from 2007 through 2016 in the Township Building as the Assistant to the Township Administrator/Clerk.

Edie graduated, Cum Laude, from the University of Kean with a B.S. in Management, minoring in Finance. At first, she worked as an Account Systems Engineer for IBM and generated $5M in sales. Later, working in the IT department as a Technical Engineer for an investment firm with a budget of $5M, she was able to save the company $561,834.00 when vendors erroneously billed the company.

She has lived in Hainesport for seventeen years. After retiring from her New York commute, she took a part-time job with Mount Holly Township, working first in the Police Department, and later in the Community Development Center. Clearly, Edie has experience at many aspects of Municipal Management!

Edie is looking forward to using her financial expertise to help save Hainesport money and keep property taxes low once elected.

Anna Evans

Anna Evans has lived in Hainesport with her husband for seventeen years, ever since leaving England. Her daughters, Becky and Lorna, both went to Hainesport School K through 8th grade.

In 2008 she graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College, VT, adding to the Masters of Chemical Engineering she obtained as a young woman in London. Since 2012 she has worked as an Adjunct Professor, teaching English first at Stockton University and now Rowan at BCC, and she also helps her husband run an Import Consultancy business, Global Bridge LLC, based in Hainesport, which represents clients worth over $8 Million.

Through her blog, Anna has been instrumental in bringing a new level of transparency to the governing body of Hainesport. After the election, Anna wants to institute a true "open door" policy for the people of Hainesport, an honest and inclusive government whereby every resident feels that their concerns are welcomed and taken seriously.

Our Platform

Edie Darnold & Anna Evans

  • Will continue our PROVEN stand against the MHMUA for Hainesport residents
  • Will film all township meetings to keep residents informed (fought for since 2008)
  • Will support a 3 term limit on elected officials (fought for since 2009)
  • Support ending the health benefits for the remaining committeeman (hard fight since 2008)
  • Will work closely with NJSP and form a neighborhood watch
  • Will introduce an Ordinance to prohibit "Pay-to-Play" by Township Contractors
  • Pledge to preserve the beauty that is Rancocas Creek

Vote Darnold & Evans for Hainesport in November 2017!